Technical audit

Industrial Diesel engine is a 2 centuries old technology. It has secret neither for the Sea going vessel Staff nor for the Power plant operators not for the worldwide repairers...

So Why plants experience such amount of damages, breakages and disasters why their economical conséquences ?

We, Alliance Diesel Refit we propose our engine maker knowledge and our field experience to assist our Customers considering 4 consecutive steps:

  • The préventive : Damage can be avoided definitively
  • The diagnosis : Root cause analysis and their consequences
  • The curative : Each rehabilitation requires its own procedure
  • Post treatment : Follow-up and advising to avoid it happens again

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From its very first days, Alliance Diesel Refit is deeply engaged on difficult rehabilitation projects. This is the core of its involvement on the service side whereas the specialists can really demonstrate their skills and their know how.

Alliance Diesel refit also well knows the big difference between a difficult project leading to a technical success and a successful project. We, Alliance Diesel Specialist, we always keep this dimension in mind fully aware that modesty is our best support and Customer’ satisfaction our commitment.

Notre process

Assistance request

They are always different first of all from where they are coming from and in purpose of course. The initial contact that leads to a technical assistance request is the fundamental stage allowing us to well define Customer’s objectives and to prepare the appropriate means to answer this request.

Arrival on site and contact with Local Reps

All plants are different: They have different operation modes, different running time different story and at the end different troubles. Whatever the knowledge of the person in charge from Alliance Diesel Refit, The arrival on site and the first contact with the Reps and the plants are fundamental. It can validate the first preparation already done or it obliges us to go on a completely different way.

Alliance Diesel Refit Specialists are skilled enough to face whatever situation and react accordingly to focus on main needs and provide appropriate answers.

Verifying malfunctions

We can consider a technical assistance required after damage, support during maintenance operation – Expertise always starts by verifying announcement and technical information collected at previous steps. This could be surprising for Chief Engineer but this is a key factor of our understanding. Our range is the plant even the troubles are concentrated on one engine. Expertise is a partnership so don’t be offended by our question and especially when we ask if engine has been restarted !

Identification of the root causes

It is not usual that troubles sustain on a single cause – most of the time unexpected situation either after damage or during maintenance are the results of multi sources combination.
The root cause tree is well names – what is visible is from the same extend than what is not and this is our commitment to inspect until we can conclude we have not missed a single possibility.

How to remedy ?

Alliance Diesel Refit must be a force of proposal based on the confirmed diagnostic. We consider this is a 2 levels immediate treatment of the problem by providing solution even they only partially or temporary solve troubles and longer terms program in order to definitively restore situation and prepare long terms operation.
First of all Alliance Diesel Refit works with its Customer in order to define:

  • The extension of the damages and their consequences supported by our risk analysis
  • What is the most appropriate repair solution
  • What is the impact financial and time duration
  • Existing temporary solution even with operation restrictions
  • What specific means could be required for this operation

Whereas usually repairers reach their limits Alliance Diesel Refit continues and considers that mechanisms understanding is the key factor thus Alliance Diesel Refit wants to be a proposal force to avoid repetition of the problems whatever their causes. This includes maintenance follow up, training, introduction of new operation rules – restoration of the normal operation rules and if required improvement of the engine integration conditions in the plant and its function.

Oups !

Heavy smoke during maneuvring is avoidable even engine are not using common rail technology

Oups !

The connecting rod bearing failure is avoidable. preditable and avoidable