Plant commissioning

  • The aim of the repair step is to restore suitability and reliability of the components and widely of the plant
  • The aim of the operation is to produce power whatever it is.

There is a stage between those 2 levels consisting is the restarting of a plant either for a long period of time or for a complete refurbishment whereas staff and crew have partially or totally lost their habits. Each single action can have critical consequences.
During this short period of time and whatever the automation level, the feeling and the reflex are more important to feel the plant behavior and to anticipate on its reaction and those of what is surrounding.


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A modern plant is obviously well protected by its automation system however this system is always calibrated to avoid damages. Automation cannot take into consideration risk relative to the restarting with unexperienced staff around and even worse repairer crew who knows nothing about running engines.

The role of the commissioning team is to focus on one aspect when the ship’ staff of the plant staff have to manage the whole plant. A propulsion engine is just a stone of the propulsion line even worse a Diesel is just the prime mover of the generator, even they were the center of the attention during rehabilitation stage.

The strength of Alliance Diesel Refit specialists comes from the long experience from the engine makers. We know these step and it is our know how to manage test period in order to safely bring plant to their full potential and often above Customer expectations.

Alliance Diesel Refit is the link between the repairer and the operator in order to reach safely and quickly the qualification of the concerned production means and obviously to avoid stating failure as we did experience so many time.