System performance optimization

The step Following investigations must be Under strict control: Technical aspect wise and cost control wise as well. Alliance Diesel Refit, from its experience and its know how, owns the required tools to validate each of the steps and to face the unexpected situation discovered during rehabilitation process minimizing the consequence on the whole project. Alliance Diesel Refit is a force of proposal, a decision maker and the one securing the result.

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Alliance Diesel Refit is from the beginning deeply involved with difficult and complexe rehabilitation projects. This is the heart of its service activity. Rehabilitation processes are where Specialists can really demonstrate their skills… So we are.

Alliance Diesel Refit also knows what makes the difference between a complexe project leading to a technical success and a successful project: This makes the difference for the Customer and forces us keeping required modesty.

On the other hands Alliance Diesel Refit adds a plus to that makes difference on rehabilitation projects: Knowledge tranfer and training. This is the only option to avoid significant troubles after project achievement.

Crankshaft handling process

11.5 meters long - 20 tons.
Precious and fragile

Shaft line reboring

Alliance Diesel Refit is able to provide the required assistance to avoid shaft line condition rhyming with nightmare

Each rehabilitation is unique

9 engines - 102 cylinders … 14 months