Routine maintenance

Only preventive and routine maintenance is able to secure medium and long term performance and reliability of Diesel engine plants for Alliance Diesel refit.

The towing formula “No cure no pay” has to be reversed when talking about maintenance: then it becomes “No pay – No cure” in other terms no performance without investment and no reliability as well.

Claiming that management of a plant just repairing what is broken is out of our policy and philosophy. If we cannot disagree that there is some positive examples we can issue the long list of the disaster resulting from this management.

Generally speaking the lack of preventive maintenance leads to the loss of efficiency, loss of reliability, impossibility to fulfil the contractual terms, the high risk of personal injuries and a final escalation of the operations costs for the Owner and his insurance Company.

We, Alliance Diesel Refit, we do consider that only preventive and intelligent maintenance allows avoiding this unstoppable snow ball mechanism.


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Talking about preventive maintenance means management of the engine running time, anticipated preparation of the maintenance steps, validation of the repair facilities in advance. Whereas preventive maintenance is quite easy to organize with power plants it is definitively more complex with sea going vessel considering that history is a key factor of a successful maintenance. From the safe organization of a preventive maintenance operation continuous exchanges has to develop between Maintenance department – Technical Department and of course financial department. On short term consideration preventive maintenance is always causing extra cost – This is the more expensive solution for sure but this expensive solution is always fruitful considering long term management of the plant.

In this respect is it an obligation to strictly follow the instruction of the maker maintenance manual. To this question Alliance Diesel refit always answers yes but no. It is a matter of fact that year after year maintenance manuals have turned to commercial documents.

Alliance Diesel Refit is in favor of an adaptive preventive maintenance. The maker maintenance manual remains the leading line however specific site factors must be considered as they have a direct influence on the plant behavior:

  • First of all the fuel oil
  • The load profile
  • Frequency and intensity of the incidents
  • Quality of the expertise and repairer knowledge

We do consider that maintenance must be well balance between program and financial aspect but when it is well known that some of the components cannot reach 15000 hours their replacement at 12000 hours is more interesting than taking risk of a major failure.

For Alliance Diesel refit success of the preventive maintenance results from the continuous follow up of the plant history and the quality of the log books when this step is missing then maintenance starts being more complicated thus more expensive.