Sale and creation of batch of custom pieces

The arrival of the prepared maintenance kit has been a real positive step in the preparation, simplification and organization of the scheduled maintenance periods.
A kit allows a single line order whereas a cylinder head requires up to 60 components for its overhaul. But a kit also simplify the organization of the works especially when considering 4 stroke 18 cylinders engines with numerous parts.

On the other hand, engine maker have defined a very short list of kits. Those kits do no always answer intervention requirements and we all know the amount of parts – new parts – sometime expensive parts that remain from the kit after intervention and which are lost most of the time …. For instance we frequently replace cylinder heads and we use a kit for this operation however the replacement of the cylinder head only rarely included its reconditioning and unfortunately the exhaust seat rings are included in the maker cylinder head kit… Who really takes care that those 4 rings cost by themselves half the price of the kit?
Based on our experience Alliance Diesel refit is in position to propose you 3 different kits whether you intend to make the replacement of the cylinder head, its overhaul according to the 15/20000 hours program or the full overhaul 35/40000 hours.

It is our opinion and our ambition that at the end of the maintenance operation.- nothing remains from the kit !
Our kits follow your maintenance program – integrate and cumulate our experience and your experience because you well know the specific operation conditions of your engines and of course you own inventory must be taken into account at preparation stage.

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