The sale of recond spare parts for MAN – Himsen – Pielstick engines

Knowing what is really needed for the smooth operation of the industrial Diesel engines, our experience of the reconditioning and the repair of the engine components allow us to know the whole set of repair solution that can be applied on parts. Some of them enter in the scope of the makes specifications some others go deeper than.

This is our experience to know which one is really efficient which one is not working and in between which one is acceptable considering reduced load and time.

Alliance Diesel refit is able to provide you with the best possible second hand component especially prepared to run at nominal load and covered by a warranty period at least equivalent to what is given by the engine maker for the new components he delivers.

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The used part reconditioning

Send to Alliance Diesel Refit the components just dismantled from your engine we maintain them on your behalf based on the higher standards to secure:

  • No load restriction
  • No time limitation – only based on the maker maintenance program.

In the case the components removed from your engine does not allow us to validate the above conditions then information based on technical report including risk analysis and failure tree to be transmitted in the shortest possible time to the Technical Department of the customer allowing to decide however this part or assembly is excluded from the rest of the set.

The exchange program

Alliance Diesel Refit should be especially proud to introduce you in the Exchange program.

You consider a maintenance program and you want to minimize the unavailability period:

Alliance Diesel Refit delivers where you decide so, all components required, based on contract terms and recovers the parts issued from the dismantling of the engine.
Basically the exchange concept is a partnership based on the mutual confidence.

You save time, no more need to own or to find high level technical means and skilled team. Assemblies are prepared in accordance to our maintenance policy, ready for use and packed in reusable wooden crates.

Alliance Diesel Refit also integrate management of the transportation back to Montoir in the program.

Recond cylinder heads

Who can say whether the pictured cylinder head ceiling is a brand new one or a used one reconditionned by ourselves and fitted with brand new valves ?
Alliance Diesel Refit repairs with its partners all engine parts and secures quality by long warranty petiod.

Recond exhaust valve bodies

It is only by checking the Inside condition of the water chamber that you can detect whether our reconditioned exhaust valve bodies are really reconditionned or new … We guarantee our repair job and of course the result on your engine.

REcond injector bodies

Lapping of the glass and replacement of the bush are in our portfolio - not only as we also restore plunger and barrel assemblies and other injection elements including our own design ballfe screw to limit erosion and cavitation while running LSHFO