Spare part sales for MAN - Himsen - Pielstick

Specialized and fast reacting our structure is fully dedicated and oriented towards our Customers and their needs.

Alliance Diesel Refit Leading lights are:

  • The higher possible quality of our products
  • Total commitment on given delivery time
  • Continuous improvement of the processes to better serve
  • Alliance Diesel Refit only proposes new components resulting from uncompromising selection quality internal process. Whereas OEM is today meaningless our process exceed engine maker usual requirements
  • The best quality to the right price and recognized strength resulting from our inventory

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Spare parts for MAN engine

Sale of spare parts for the MAN 4 stroke engines and the turbochargers MAN
16/24 - 23630 - 27/38 - 28/32 - 32/40
48/60 A - 48/60 B - 48/60 CR - 48/60 TS
51/60 DF
58/64 AB - 58/64 CD
And Turbochargers
TCA 55 - TCA 66 - TCA 77 - TCA 88NA 34S - NA 48 - NA57
TCR 20 - TCR 26 - TCR 29

Focusing on engines 48/60 and 58/64, heart of our development, Alliance Diesel Refit inventory is ready serving you everyday. Alliance Diesel Refit Inventory includes ALL components of the engine from the engine frame the crankshaft the timing, the cylinders the moving elements and of course all consumable spare parts required for their assembly.

Spare parts for the Hyundai HIMSEN engines

Spare part sales for the Himsen engine H21/32:

The Himsen H21/32 is an unavoidable concept and success – on board ships on for shore power plants.

The Himsen H21/32 is a real success story of the industrial Diesel engine market of the latest 15 years. Of course supported by Hyundai shipyard but really efficient and reliable.

Alliance Diesel Refit has been pushed by its Customers and the market to implement our strategy around this product.

In accordance with our development policy, Alliance Diesel Refit only wants to provide safe and secured solution to the Customers. In our concept – secured solution – means European solution.

Under Customer solicitation, Alliance Diesel Refit should start working soon on the other Himsen engines up to the H46 if this engine type finds its public with European and American Customers dealing with us.

Spare parts for the Pielstick engines

The Pielstick engines already entered the historical engine category for long however they are steel in operation with significant fleet over the world. Our knowledge of the Pielstick engines from the latest generation allows our team to provide required support and technical assistance during rehabilitation period and extended damage repairs.

We would like to be more active on the Pielstick business, unfortunately and matter of age, this market is right now becoming confidential so we are obliged to adjust our inventory policy to provide correct answers to our major Customers.

We own important and selective inventory for consumable and majors parts for dedicated engines. On the other hand we are able to provide quite every components for the Pielstick engines from official sources in the shortest possible time.

We are able to support whatever engine built by Pielstick or under license – The PA 5 engine included however we focus on
PC 2.6/2 – PC 2.6 B – PC 4.2 – PC 4.2 B